Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny Story Keeping it fun!

Funny story but there is a point. I was at my brother's house yesterday celebrating Easter and a few family member's birthday. My brother recently had a birthday and waited too long to get his drivers license renewed. Thus, he had to get a new picture taken, eye test etc. No problem.

He got his new picture taken and looked at it.... looked at his old drivers license paper clipped to his paperwork, then back to his new picture. Took another look at both and his jaw dropped. He mentioned to the woman working at the DMV that he had the EXACT same shirt on when he took his drivers license picture 4 years ago. He was joking that he had not been shopping for clothes in 4 years ( which is not true), and all the wonderful woman would say is " hey, if you can fit in the same shirt after 4 years, its got to be good!"

Again, looking at it from the positive side!

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